Generate Graphical & Excel Business Reports with CRM Reports

With CRM database you can create reports using graphs, diagram and charts so that you get a clearer picture of your findings and can easily compare with other data. CRM travel software have upto 50+ Report formats available to know insights of your travel business.

Reports Features of Best Travel Industry CRM Software

Data Reports with CRM data

Reports provides an effective and convenient way of communicating information across the business. Travel agency management system allows you to design a reports for various sections of your business that help you make better sense of the numbers and data.

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Graphical Reports

Understanding content visually are more effective and easier than text. It’s a real time saver and helps to eliminate the language barrier. CRM management solution is designed to create a striking and an illustrative graphical report that helps you quickly analyze various aspects of the business in detail which aid in the decision making process.

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Generate CRM Leads Report

It’s very important to recognize the factors which are effecting your business growth. CRM Leads report will show you the leads acquired by business in a given time and also record lead source, win rate and more. CRM program also allows you to generate user-wise, source-wise, destination-wise reports.

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Bookings Reports with Online CRM for Travel Agents

With travel booking software feature all your booking either made through the website or through phone will be recorded in the reports . This provides all records of your booking at a glance and save your time. CRM application allows you to track your bookings by getting user-wise, source-wise, employee-wise booking reports

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Payments Reports

Cloud based accounting software can generate specific and graphical reports which contain  following filter such as  dates, due date, payment date etc. about all your payments by tracking them and represent in report for  easy access of information.

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Suppliers Reports with Analytical CRM System

Managing supplier reports are important as it helps to optimize the supplier relationship. With accurate reports you gain more empower and help to take right action which are back up by reports data. With Travel CRM software implementations you can generate reports on all of your suppliers and even categorize by booking dates or travel dates.

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User Reports with Top CRM Software

Knowing your clients is key for your business success. Business should understand what your customer wants so that you can strategies the most effective way to make your business available to them. Online booking software  provides you with a report of all your customers and even short them date wise or destination wise.

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Expense Report

It is another useful way to track all your business spending. Travel booking software’s expense report provides you a personalized and automated workflow which suits your business. CRM software feature tracks all your expenses, receivables and payments, booking wise, date wise and more and present them in reports for easy analysis.

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Export to Excel

Top online CRM software allows you to download and export all  your business reports to EXCEL, so that you can have detailed and comprehensive analysis. Excel gives you an easy way of manipulating the data, such as sorting on selected fields, recording the field, deleting the field etc.

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Overview of Booking Reports in Cloud Travel CRM Software

Being in a travel industry you have to deal with a large number of bookings in day to day work. Keeping track of this data can become very confusing . With booking report CRM feature you can track  and record all your booking and its details.

  • Manage your Travel Business more efficiently with travel agency software.
  • Complete details can be represented as data or graphic reports.
  • Helps in better management and improve the decision making process.
  • Can even use this report to see which tour is generating maximum revenue.
  • Increased Productivity with Analytical CRM system.
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Overview of Accounting Reports in Online Travel Agency CRM Software

This CRM feature can be used in the decision making process as it tracks all  of your business transactions and even help in budgeting , predicting cash flow with good understanding and interpretation of data present in report.

  • Take records of all your Payments, Receivables, Expenses
  • Generate reports using Travel CRM software’s filter and search options.
  • Create account related reports and analyze all of your company’s financials at one place for better understanding with online accounting software
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Excel Data Reports with CRM Data

Travel CRM software for travel agent helps you to generate reports that can be easily exported to Excel for a more comprehensive analysis of the business.

  • Excel can handle unlimited of data easily.
  • Designing reports with CRM feature of excel are very easy and quick.
  • Save money as you can design report on excel itself.
  • Excel CRM application provides powerful analysis of large data.
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Send Quotation

Send unlimited travel quotations to your customers from the lead dashboard. You can track each and every quotation sent for future reference.