No1 Travel CRM software for Travel Agencies

Travel CEO is a user-friendly and a single solution for all your travel business requirements.

  • Travel CRM Lead Management
  • Travel Invoice System
  • Travel Booking Managent
  • Tour itinerary Builder Software
  • 10+ more modules

Travel CRM Featues Designed for you

Lead Management

Create and manage unlimited leads. Automated lead follow-up trigger. Automated lead import from different platforms.

Itinerary Management

Make unlimited itineraries to customers with pictures and day-wise visit details. Provide different choice of hotels with prices, send itineraries to customers with one click.

Invoice Management

Create well-formatted unlimited invoices along with pricing, travel details, inclusion and exclusion. Send invoices to customers.

Booking Management

Manage all your bookings at one-step along with supplier payments. Track all your upcoming and past bookings. Generate a booking report for a specific period.

Accounts Management

Manage all your Payables and Receivables, Calculate profit for each booking, and Control all your expenses.

Multi Currency

Manage all your payments in different currencies. It supports worldwide different currencies.

Report Management

View all kinds of Lead and booking reports such as destination wise, tour-type wise, Lead source and Employees-wise. Track all your employees work.

Contact Management

Create and Save all tour contact details. Segregate and view total contacts based on contact type such as DMC/suppliers, Travel Agents, B2C customers, hotels, etc. Import bulk contacts.

Other Features

Travel Lead Management System

Travel CEO is built with an exclusive and powerful Travel CRM Features (Travel lead management system), which is extremely helpful for the travel agents and tour operators. Few of them are below.

  • Create & manage unlimited Travel leads.
  • Create New Lead exclusively with travel information such as
  • Organise the travel leads based on the stages / status. You can change the stage / status name as per your convenience.
  • Organise all your leads based on travel date ( Current, next and next 3 months )
  • Lead Dashboard – Manage all your leads on your dashboard with single mouse click.
  • Filter and Sort Leads based on
  • Search leads based on Traveller Name, Email id & Contact Number.
  • Add traveller details into your contacts automatically at the time of lead creation.
  • Record unlimited follow-up history for leads
  • Fix meeting with customer to convert the lead and Meeting reminder
  • Send Tour quotations to the lead / traveller in couple of clicks.
  • Automated reminder for the customer / lead for the follow-up
  • Comprehensive Graphical Lead Reports
  • Generate following lead statistics reports in table format in a single click
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Lead Report by email.
  • Missed Lead Follow-up Alert – Incase if you missed out the lead follow-up then the software will alert you to follow-up the customer.
  • Create Leads Directly from your Website
  • Create Invoices without entering manually. Pass the Traveller details from Lead to Invoice creation page in a single click.
  • Keep the record of all your closed leads.
  • Close travel leads and you can generate closure report for the following closure reasons

Travel Itinerary Management System

Create an Itinerary along with customer basic details and day-wise tour details. Mention inclusion and exclusions. Provide different choices of hotels in different cities along with prices.

  • Create unlimited Tour itineraries and share with your team.
  • Organise Tour itineraries by creating custom folders
  • Create Tour itineraries in a couple of minutes with following elements
  • Traveller name
  • Traveller email id
  • Send tour itinerary / Quotation directly from the lead page.
  • Share itineraries within your team.
  • Download Tour Itinerary as a PDF File.

Travel Invoice System

Travel CEO is designed to create a Travel invoices exclusively for Travel agents & Travel companies. You can create invoices within 2 minutes with the following travel details.

  • Traveller Name
  • Traveller Email
  • Traveller Phone
  • Tour Location
  • Travel Date
  • Customer Type (B2B / B2C)
  • Multi Currency
  • Invoice Due Date
  • Customer Tax Details
  • Travel Product Price with Tax
  • Tour Itinerary
  • Inclusion
  • Exclusion
  • Payment Schedule
  • Send Invoice to customer as PDF through Email
  • Setup Once and add into every invoice. You can setup the following items once and it will be added to every invoice you create.
  • Update multiple payments ( instalment ) to your invoices as per your convenience and payment schedule
  • Invoice Actions: You can do the following actions on your invoice sections
  • Update payment for Invoice
  • Edit Invoice
  • Add new Services
  • Save invoices as a Draft
  • Delete unwanted invoice
  • Send invoices via email from software
  • Download invoice as PDF
  • Send cash Receipt to customer from software

Travel Booking Management System

Travel CEO is the unique travel management software which has one of the most useful module for any travel companies . Yes. Its none other than Booking Management. Managing a Travel booking is not an easy task. Just relax, Travel CEO takes care of all your head ache. Following are few important Travel booking management software features.

  • Automatic New Booking Creation - Invoices will be converted as Booking upon updating first payment for the invoice.
  • Booking Voucher Section
  • Store Booking confirmation details for Hotel, Tour, Car & etc
  • Generate Booking voucher in PDF Format.
  • Send booking voucher via email in a single click with Invoice & Booking Voucher attached as PDF
  • Manage Customer Payments for bookings
  • Multiple Payment options with payment schedule
  • Set a balance payment due date
  • Record the payment history.
  • Send Payment Receipt to customer
  • Manage Supplier Payments for bookings
  • Update multiple supplier payments for single bookings
  • Set supplier payment amount & Balance due
  • Automated Payment reminder email – Software will send automated email reminders.
  • Reminder for customer for the balance payment
  • Reminder for your team for the supplier payments
  • Reschedule Booking – If the travel date of the booking is changed, You can reschedule the booking with rescheduling charges.
  • Cancel Booking – Cancel the booking with cancellation charges.
  • Graphical Reports - Generate comprehensive graphical booking reports based on following scenarios
  • User-wise booking report
  • Destination-wise booking report
  • Lead source-wise booking report
  • Lead Vs Booking Report

Accounts Management System

Manage all your payables and receivables. Manage all upcoming, past receivables and supplier payments. View profits for each booking, which will be calculated automatically. Mention all your expenses and generate a report for expenses.

  • Compare payables and receivables for each booking
  • Profit management
  • Control expenses
  • Automated mail alert for supplier payments


Get complete insights about your travel business with the help of reporting systems in Travel CEO. Following are few of the important reports.

  • Lead Reports
  • User-wise lead report
  • Destination-wise Lead report
  • Lead Statistics Systems.
  • User-wise booking report
  • User wise Lead management Report
  • Lead Source-wise Report
  • Booking Reports
  • User-wise Booking Reports
  • Tour Destination-wise Reports
  • Leads Vs Bookings Report
  • Other Reports
  • Expense Management Report
  • Profit Report

Contact Management

Create customer contact details along with company details and customer basic details. Segregate and view total no of contacts based on contact type such as suppliers, Travel agents, B2C customers, Hotels, Car rentals, Airlines, etc.

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